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A detailed interpretation of a three-card tarot spread based on one question. This is a customized digital product (.PDF document) that will be created just for you and delivered via email to you within three to seven days of purchase.

Tips for formulating a powerful question Consider meditating on your issue for a few minutes to focus in on one specific question – really try to get to the root of what you want to ask the tarot.

When you are asking your question, try to ask from a place of empowerment with wording such as “how can I~/what can I do to~” instead of asking “should I~/will I~” type questions (the answers to empowered questions are usually much more insightful!)

It’s also a good idea to keep your tarot question focused on you and your life, not on what someone else may think/say/do. After all, this is your reading and I want to make sure that it’s all about you!

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