Mobile tarot card readings in Victoria, BC

Tarot that comes to you! Mobile tarot card readings are conducted one-on-one in coffee shops and cafes around the city - arrange to meet Janine at your favourite spot!* Individual mobile tarot card readings are a fun way to connect with your intuition and explore different aspects of a situation or question... all while sipping your favourite coffee or tea!

Tarot party (up to 10 people)

Want to do something a little different? Host a tarot party in your home! Tarot parties are great for birthdays, girls nights, holidays or other special events. A TAROT-2-GOGO tarot party includes individual tarot readings for everyone followed by a group Spirit communication reading (optional). The length of each tarot reading will vary depending on the number of people in your group. Readings can be conducted in a fun group setting, or one-on-one at the party, depending on how comfortable everyone is with sharing. 😛