TAROT-2-GOGO T2GG book club

T2GG book club

T2GG book club

Topics we will explore in the club

  • Witchy and spooky fiction
  • Non-fiction
      • Tarot and divination
      • Spirituality
      • Social justice
      • Feminism 
      • Environmental protection
      • Veganism & compassionate living
      • ghost stories (Boo!)
      • Paranormal investigation stories 
      • … and more!

Let’s read together

At the end of the month, I’ll summarize some key points on the T2GG blog, give you my take on the book, and rate it out of 5 pentacles! Afterwards, I’d love to chat about the book on social with you! Reading timelines and online discussion date for each book selection will be posted on the blog.