How I read the tarot

Hello! I’m Janine – an intuitive tarot card reader and spirit medium. I have been reading tarot cards since 2004 and communicating with spirit since 2016. My reading style is relaxed, fun and positive!

My goal during every tarot reading is to interpret the cards in a fun and insightful way that empowers my client to use their own intuition and inner guidance to find the answers that they’re looking for.

A typical reading starts with a short discussion to get to the heart of my client’s question. Next, we shuffle, cut and draw the cards.  When the cards are out, I interpret the story based on a combination of traditional card meanings and what I am receiving intuitively.  Next, my client and I discuss the cards together to clarify the message and really hone in on the deeper meaning of each card. Discussing the cards together is my favourite part of every reading! This is where the tarot as a tool for self reflection really shines.

I believe that by interpreting the symbolism present within the artwork of the tarot, we are encouraged to reflect upon ourselves and our own life situation. The cards can prompt us to consider our past actions, our present situation, and how we might move forward into a brighter future. A tarot reading can be fun, practical, and magical… all at the same time!

Whether you’re contemplating your place in the universe or trying to figure out what’s going on in your romantic life, I believe that the tarot cards can meet you right where you are.

My three rules for an awesome tarot reading

A tarot card reading can be powerful, insightful, and uplifting. For the very best tarot experience:

  • Listen to your heart, but don’t forget to use your head, too.
  • Always take responsibility for your own decisions and actions.
  • Remember to have fun!

Frequently asked questions

As of January 2022, I am not offering in-person tarot card readings or spirit communication readings. I hope to be able to start seeing clients again face-to-face later this year, and I have tentatively booked a spot at the 2022 Intuitive Arts Festival in Victoria, BC this fall. In the meantime, I am still offering email readings and a limited number of live video readings. Stay safe! xo

I believe that every individual is in charge of their own destiny, and that no future is set in stone. For this reason, I don’t use tarot cards to make predictions. While it can be a fun and self-reflective process to explore how you feel about possible outcomes of a situation using tarot cards, it’s impossible to predict the future with 100% accuracy. You are ultimately in charge of your own fate… anything can happen!

No, I don’t do emergency tarot card readings. If you are experiencing an emergency, please seek help from a licensed professional, your doctor, and/or your loved ones. I am happy to read the tarot cards for you at a later date when you feel that you are in a safe and healthy place. Much love to you!

Appointment fees may be paid via cash or credit card at the time of your appointment. I use the Square mobile payment system to process card payments.