TAROT-2-GOGO News Living intuitively in 2021: new directions for the blog

Living intuitively in 2021: new directions for the blog

Justice tarot card

What does it mean to live an intuitive life? 

Is it about slowing down, or getting excited? Is it about connecting with something bigger than yourself? Tuning-in or tuning-out? Minimalism, or indulgence? Is it about environmental and social justice? Compassionate living?

Yes! All of the above. Although living intuitively will look different for each of us, I believe that the root of living an intuitive life is the same for everybody: the desire to achieve a sense of balance.

Balance. Fairness. Justice.

Balance is justice for people: Anti-racism work is hard work. As a cis white woman, I am actively reflecting on, digging into, and looking at the thing that scares me the most: the understanding that the default way that I exist in the world is harmful. Being white and learning about white supremacy brings up all kinds of feelings – discomfort, guilt, and shame, to name a few. My gut reaction to these feelings is to toss up my hands and say, “that’s not me! I’m a good person!” But part of my own healing comes from the acknowledgement that this is me. I do benefit from white privilege. I am a settler; my peaceful, happy life in Canada is the result of colonial violence.

This blog is my corner of the internet where I can put thoughts out into the world, so as part of my personal commitment to social justice I want to share some of the anti-racist resources that I am working with right now. Thank you to the Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) educators and activists who created this content!

Balance is justice for all living creatures: Having compassion for all living creatures is deeply woven into my approach to living an intuitive life. As a longtime vegan, it is my goal to enjoy a full and vibrant life without hurting animals or the planet. Stay tuned for new posts on the blog that journal what my life is like as a vegan witchy person – I’ll explore plant-based recipes, DIY projects, and vegan beauty (oooh la la!)

Let’s explore intuitive living together

What topics would you like me to write about on this blog in 2021? I’m pretty sure blogs aren’t as popular as they used to be (and let’s be honest, my mom might be the only one who reads this) but life in isolation during the pandemic has made me crave connection and I want to try something new. So here we go! Comment below or send me a message via the contact page and let me know what you’re interested in (Mom, you can just call me).

My areas of expertise are tarot cards, remote viewing, spirit communication, spirit sketching, working with herbs, creating charms, and dream work. I’ll explore these topics to start. If I’m feeling extra spicy later on, I might get a little bit sci-fi and dip into time travel, multiple dimensions and aliens.

“Wait. Did she say aliens?” ( ≖.≖)

A big part of living an intuitive life for me is staying open to new ideas. Being curious, asking questions and exploring alternatives. If I can claim to channel information from deceased persons into my mind (far out), then exploring the intersection between aliens and the metaphysical (also far out) is fair game.

So, buckle up because apparently things are going to get weird! Thanks for hanging out with me in this space 😛

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