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Paranormal investigation at Point Ellice House

Point Ellice House, Victoria, BC
Point Ellice House, Victoria, BC

On Friday, October 26th, 2018 I attended a paranormal investigation event at the historic Point Ellice House in Victoria, BC. The investigation was organized and led by Beyond Belief Paranormal Events, a paranormal research team specializing in helping people who are experiencing paranormal and unexplained occurrences. My best friend Bri and I signed up for this event weeks in advance to do something fun for Halloween… and boy, did we get our money’s worth!

Here’s a recap of some of my favourite moments from the investigation.

Point Ellice House was built between 1861 and 1862 right on the Gorge waterway. At the time, it must have been a beautiful residential area… now, the heritage property is located in the middle of a commercial neighbourhood by the Bay Street Bridge.

When Bri and I walked into the house with the investigation group at about 8:00pm, it didn’t feel ominous or haunted; rather, it felt like we were walking into a museum or stepping back in time.

Communicating with Frank 

To get started, everyone in our group gathered in the main hallway of the house and sat down on the floor.  The investigator, Blake, set out voice recorders, a temperature sensor, and some other cool ghost-hunting equipment with blinking lights. With the recorders running, Blake started to ask questions aloud in an attempt to record a response from spirit. While Blake talked, the rest of us sat in silence and waited for something spooky to happen.

It was during this session that I began to get the mental impression of a tall man standing among us. I “saw” specific clothes: trousers with a high waist, suspenders, and a white button-down shirt with a collar that stood straight up. As Blake asked questions out loud, I “heard” responses in my mind and I wrote them down. In response to the question, “whose house is this?” I heard “my father’s house.” In response to “how many people are in the room?” I heard “14” quick as a flash. From my vantage point I couldn’t see the whole group, so I asked Blake to confirm… and yes, there were 14 of us! The temperature sensor picked up an unusual cold spot right around the place where I felt the spirit man was standing.

#FunFact: You might be surprised to know that when it comes to talking to dead people, I have absolutely zero cool: when a message from spirit comes through me and is proven to be true, I can never hide the fact that I am JUST as surprised as everyone else. 😉

The Point Ellice House historian that was with our group told me afterwards that the impressions I had received of the man were a good fit for Francis Joseph “Frank” O’Reilly (1866-1941).  She then showed me an old photo of Frank to verify that the style of clothing in the photo matched my impression, especially the upward-turned shirt collar.

Communicating with Kathleen

Next, the investigator tried a different approach and directly addressed the spirit of Charlotte Kathleen O’Reilly (1867-1945). Again, as he asked questions, I “heard” responses and wrote them down. In response to the question, “do you visit often?” I heard “I’m always here.” In response to the question, “What is your favourite thing to do here?” I heard “walk in the garden, especially my father’s roses.”

This message about father’s roses was validated later that evening while our group was walking around outside. The staff historian told us that Kathleen had loved spending time in a heart-shaped rose garden that was planted for her by her father, Peter O’Reilly!

Ghostly shenanigans continued throughout the night, and every minute of it was fantastic. The event ended at 11:00pm and as Bri and I headed back to the reception area, we could hardly believe that so many hours had passed.

Thanks so much to Beyond Belief Paranormal Events for organizing such an awesome event, I had a great time!

My scribbled notes showing a map of the hallway (center of the page), communication with Frank (bottom of the page) and communication with Kathleen (upper left corner of the page). 
Blake the investigator (left) asking questions. This was my view of our group gathered in the main hallway of the house.