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BOOK CLUB: The Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson


February’s pick is THE SEED KEEPER by DIANE WILSON.

Rosalie iron wing has spent the previous two decades watching as her white husband’s farm faced major challenges. now she is confronting her past and embracing her future. 
Written by award-winning author Diane Wilson, this novel is sure to be a deeply moving and highly compelling read.


Janine is terrific! Caring and hilarious. I loved every moment of my read!



Janine is amazing 🤩. She turns the whole experience into an exploration/ conversation.


Spot on

I’ve had three readings done by Janine and each reading was right on target. She has a unique ability to pick out specific details from each card that reflect your own situation exactly. She is easy going and creates a relaxing and fun atmosphere for the reading. I’d highly recommend seeing Janine if you’re looking for advice, support, direction, or a touch point to see if you’re on the right track.



I have now had two readings by Janine and both were not only incredibly insightful and accurate but also so much fun! Janine has such a calm and enjoyable way of relating to all of her clients, I would highly recommend her for any event, one-on-one readings or small parties. Thank you so much Janine!


Fun and insightful

Went to a party with Janine reading tarot and she did a spiritual reading too. Not only were her readings incredibly accurate and insightful but her spiritual reading was eerily knowing. I would recommend Janine for any event for donation or otherwise. She is a very talented individual!


Insightful and amazingly accurate!

I’ve known Janine for over a decade and have both experienced and witnessed her incredible intuition and talent for tarot and spirit channeling. Every reading she’s done for me has provided guidance, peace of mind and advice that’s lead me down the right path. I’ve also witnessed her picking up on and relaying messages from those passed on to the other side — it’s truly amazing and even though I’m an analytical, science-based individual (as is Janine!), I totally believe it and am fascinated by it! Janine is down-to-earth, approachable and fun, and would be amazing to have at any party, festival or stagette!


Tarot card readings

Have fun and gain insight into the various aspects of your life with a tarot card reading by Janine. Tarot cards are a fun way to connect with your intuition and explore a situation or question through symbolism and the traditional archetypes of the tarot.  Explore your past experiences, present situation, and even take a peek at future possibilities! 

Whether you have a specific question in mind, or you are looking for a general reading, the cards will weave a story that’s just for you!

Spirit communication

Reach out into the beyond and see who reaches back with an uplifting and exciting spirit communication reading by Janine. In a reading, Janine will describe any people in spirit that she senses around you, as well as specific objects or places that she sees in her mind’s eye. All messages are presented to you for validation and interpretation, and Janine’s sketch paper is yours to keep after the reading. 

You never know who might pop by to say hello!  Always positive, never scary 😉

COVID-19 Notice: Due to the pandemic, all in-person tarot reading appointments are on hold. During this time, tarot readings via email will still be available (to purchase an email reading, please click here). Stay safe until we can meet again! xo